Still In A Drought

Wow! We’re getting enough rain to last us for a while. We’ve been in a drought for so long I forgot what it’s like. The bad thing is all the flooding and damage that’s occurring. CA even lost the cabin tree in the redwoods (you could drive your car thru it. It was over 1,000 years old. Such a loss…. I remember as a small child thinking you could walk thru ANY tree. Well, of course I tried and landed back on my fanny in tears. Lol We did drive thru the “right tree” though. Lol
The bad part about the last storm that came thru the rain was very high up on the mountain. So it melted a lot of snow, which created havoc with the flood. The rivers and streams all over are cresting, and just as they begin to slow down, it starts again. The one plus is,it will be snowing up the hill again so that will help everyone up there, including the ski lodges.
The storms do help quite a bit, but the snow PAC we depend on is the main thing. Right now all the water is going down river and let out of the dams, to head out to sea. Without it the water from the ocean pushes the freshwater back, in the Delta and the whole ecosystem is in trouble.
Tonight though, we go to sleep with rain pounding down and on the positive side, I love that:) Have a good evening, night, day, morning, wherever you are:)

It’s Not Working

Hi there, I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for another icky winter here in CA.  SC has certainly been hit hard, it’s just unreal! I cannot believe the devastation there. Prayers go out to all of them for all their losses and a steady recovery. We know it won’t be fast, but steady is good.

The following I copied off the internet so I wouldn’t get my info wrong. Sadly it’s accurate.

The fire burned 76,067 acres in Lake, Napa and Sonoma counties since it sparked on Sept. 12.
The blaze killed four people and injured four firefighters in Lake County, destroyed 1,958 structures, including 1,280 homes, 27 multi-family structures and 66 commercial properties, according to Cal Fire.
An estimated 3,000 people were left homeless.

That was just one of the three huge fires. The small town of Middleton was burned down! It was just horrible for all those that had to evacuate, not knowing what or if they would go back to. Overall I have no idea how many thousands of acres were burned this year, but I pray we get normal rain and not deluges, or then mudslides and flooding will take over.

i’ve been trying to get some blocks done, but so far I’ve only been able to cut out the pieces.  I had hopes I could cut one day and sew the next, but so far that’s not working. lol after bending my head cutting out the blocks it’s taken at least two days for my neck to stop hurting. Then after sewing one I’m back to the heat and ice on my neck. Lol  BUT I figure if I can do one and a half a week, then I can meet the quota I need.  It’s a pretty small quota. Lol  I see my Physical Therapist Fri and then I need to make an appointment to see the spine specialist.  So I’ll see where things go from there:)  Sure tired of this, but what can you do? (Patience is not one of my virtues. Lol)


Not Only A Repeat, But Worse

So sad

So sad

Many homes were lost , not to mention the wildlife.

Many homes were lost , not to mention the wildlife.

It’s hard to believe we’re this far into summer.  The days are so hot and we’re watching so many fires wipe out forests, wild life and homes, watching tree’s, yards and plants die.  The fourth year into this drought, everything is dry and brittle.  My heart, prayers and gratitude go out to those Fire Fighters in the 108 degree weather we had the other day, as well as all the other hot days. (like 102 or high 90’s)  I know the good Lord is taking care of them, but I can’t help thinking about them.  Those suits they wear are horribly heavy. Some have oxygen and masks as they fight the fires.  Even those without the extra gear, the weight and heat inside those suits is horrendous. The heat from the fire alone is awful!! Please pray for these guys and gals, they work 24 hour shifts a lot out there, they haven’t seen their families for quite a while now. We currently have have 18 bad fires going, and I’ve forgotten how many smaller fires. I know it’s in the double digits though.