More Posts of Quilts n Things:)

ImageThis is one of my favorites. All the bright colors for a child

ImageOne for kids:)


These are the socks that my Granddaughter and her friend Morgan did. They had a ball!


ImageImageImageThe one on the left is a sewing bag with a pincushion made inside.  Tha other tw are a couple of Crazy Quilt blocks I worked in a round robin.

Oops, that’s not right.  Those two are post cards, I don’t know why I was thinking blocks.  Another duuuuh moment:)

ImageImageImageThree more tea pots ( I sold them on Etsy)


ImageImageImageImageThree of these are children’s quilts I donated.

The fourth quilt is a Halloween quilt for the grand kids.


ImageImageImageImageThese are all donation quilts for kids.  I really have fun making them:) one still on the quilter.


ImageImageImageSome more for the kids.image image imageThese are some quilts and quilt tops to be finished.

image image imageSome of the goodies I was so blessed to get from my swap sister:)


More Fabric Dying

I belong to a fabric dyeing group called Dye Hard Run Off and I’m having so much fun learning how to dye fabric’s. This is the Make Orange run and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I expected everything to come out a bright orange or something, but they’re not. They gradually turn to that awesome orange shade and of course the first (red) and last (golden yellow) are the pure colors. It just amazes me at the way things come out. Having to wait for them to batch is like pulling teeth! lol I feel like a kid in a candy store, I can’t decide what color to try next! lol There are so many shades to try that I know I’ll use. I’m doing some to sell on my Etsy Colors that are more frequently used. Especially with summer coming folks will be starting on their holiday items. Gifts etc.! I know I’ve started all ready (I tend to be snail like so need a good head start. lol)