Organizing Continued Muahaha

Well, sometimes it is a mystery to me when I can’t find something, or it just disappears from it’s home spot. There are times when I’d swear I had a poltergeist in this house. lol if so, he/she’s a little stinker. Lol

Got a couple of ideas from people on organizing. Susan, over at
DesertSky Quilting had some good ideas. She suggested I take one thing, ie: living room, and tackle that one day and when done do some sewing or whatever I enjoy. It’s very much like an idea I had written down ( great minds think alike of course. Lol) only on mine I had sew for an hour first. So think I’ll try both ways and see which fits the best lol


Oh, a year ago this past October, 15 months, I had won a subscription of Generation Q magazine and 15 FQ’s of Michael Millers Berry Shades. Well, I got the subscription, but due to some kind of blunder, I never received the FQ’s. I’d been in touch with Melissa there, but in between we couldn’t connect. Tonight, I txt’d on messenger with Teri and, Bless her heart, she jumped right in and is taking care of it.

The following is a bleep from Melissa’s letter about a year ago.

Here’s what it was: a fat quarter bundle of 14 Berry shades from Michael Miller Fabrics Cotton Couture line and a year’s subscription to Generation Q Magazine. The prize is valued at $100.

Melissa was always just a sweetheart and nice as could be, and I know it was one of those things that happens to us all at least once,:). I’ll post pictures when they arrive. Stuff happens to all of us.

So Teri, thank you ever so much, I really do appreciate you! I’ll write more about this when the FQ’s get here. Hugz:) to all. Be safe in this crazy weather wherever you are, it’s pretty scary in a lot of places.

I Won! I Won!


Today I got confirmation that I won the drawing on Sally’s Baking Addiction Cookbook  Giveaway!  Apparently there were a couple thousand entries and I got picked!  Whooohoooo !  I’ve been following Sally’s Blog for a while now and have tried several of her recipe’s.   They are to die for! Go here Image Today, I’m giving you the chance to win an autographed copy of my very first cookbook. It’s hitting the stands in only TWO weeks. eBook (tablet, kindle) version will be available too! My fingers are shaking as I type thisncjh… sorry. I’m nervous / anxious / excited / ready to faint. All of that work behind the scenes last summer is finally coming to life. I can’t wait for you to hold my book in your hands and bake all the recipes. Sally's Baking Addiction Table of Contents


I entered a giveaway for Sally’s Baking addiction for her first and brand new cookbook coming out.  Of course it appropriately titled  Sally’s Baking Addiction once you try one of her recipes for cupcakes, cookies, cakes or whatever, you are addicted!

I have to tell you I never expected to win, but I can’t express how happy I am.=).  Especially not when there are like 6000 entries! Thank you Sally!

Sally’s Baking Addiction is one place you have to visit!  I’ve been following her Blog for sometime now and tried a number of her recipe’s.  Believe me when I say they are to die for!!!!  I mean it.



I’m having a giveaway  and the winner will receive these three Candy Corn Pinwheels Garden Stakes.
  Each is approximately 25 inches high
The Giveaway starts today and ends Sept. 25th when I will hold a drawing for the winner.  Be sure when you comment that you leave your name and a way for me to contact you.
All you have to do is:
1. Leave a comment with your name
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3. Post  this on your blog and you
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The winner will be notified with in the following days so she/he will have them for October:)  If you’d like go over to my other blog Candi’s Eye Candy and sign up for the Giveaway over there!:)  An adorable set of Pumpkin Garden Stakees.  Tooo cute:)