Got It Done in spite of things

There’s a story behind this quilt I made for Barbara. It was a long time in the making for starters and then when I sent it to the quilters it came back with puckers, pleats and the back completely uneven. As big a difference as 3 inches on one end to 6 inches on the other. In my hysteria, between Susan Nixon and my DH they got me calmed down. lol I went ahead and “undid” where I could and did the binding with the intent of giving it to Barbara with the story of what happened. Then making her a new one. Well bless her heart, as she opened it and I was telling her what happened, she kept saying no she didn’t want another one she wanted only this one. lol 🙂 Friends are so amazing, no matter how flawed an item or WE are they love us anyway. What a wonderful Christmas present she gave me. (that’s Barbara standing next to the quilt:) )
We had a great time all day with the family and of course ate till we couldn’t move and will be eating left overs the rest of the week. I hope everyone’s Christmas was as good as mine and hope we’re all looking forward to a very very Happy New Year.

My dear friends quilt is almost done

I finished the quilt top for my friends Christmas present, and today I got the backing done so now it’s ready to go:) whooo hooo What a challange this one was in getting measurements accurate etc. My living room is not that large and I have overstuffed furniture in it, so it takes up most of the floor space. lol We took the coffee table out, moved everything back as far as we could and just kind of trudged along and got it done. My DH is a doll, he never complained once and gets right in there and gives me the extra hands I need. Thank you dear, I really do appreciate you:)

Todays Work On My Quilt

This is what I’ve been doing for the past 8 &1/2 hours:) I started early this morning by finishing up the blocks to put the quilt together, then putting all the blocks together. I still have to do the edging that will (I hope) set it all off. One is a mottled maroon and the other is a green & marron batik that matches the maroon batik in the quilt itself. I hope to have it done and ready to quilt sometime this week. It’s going to be a christmas gift for a very very dear friend:)

It’s Amazing what you find in baskets!

It’s amazing what you find hidden in baskets when you start digging:) I found this quilt I started a couple of years ago and had totally fogotten about! It’s a little difficult to lay it out and photograph it when you’ve got two dogs trying to help! lol Woohoo I think I’m going to start back on it and maybe get it finished in time for the holidays:)