I’m having a giveaway  and the winner will receive these three Candy Corn Pinwheels Garden Stakes.
  Each is approximately 25 inches high
The Giveaway starts today and ends Sept. 25th when I will hold a drawing for the winner.  Be sure when you comment that you leave your name and a way for me to contact you.
All you have to do is:
1. Leave a comment with your name
2. Sign on to be a public follower to 
on this blog.
3. Post  this on your blog and you
will receive an extra entry:)
The winner will be notified with in the following days so she/he will have them for October:)  If you’d like go over to my other blog Candi’s Eye Candy and sign up for the Giveaway over there!:)  An adorable set of Pumpkin Garden Stakees.  Tooo cute:)

The Process Pledge

I took the Process Pledge today and thought I’m really giong to try and keep it up. I just finished the binding on three quilts for a friend. They’re all three for her grandbaby, one is a baby quilt and the other two are a little larger than Crib size. They came out pretty good, but not without a lot of issues along the way. lol I have one more to do it’s a red, red&white stripes, and black and white with red scarves on puppies. It’s really cute. It’s flannel so won’t be used till winter I’m sure. It’s almost the size of a twin bed though, so it can be put on the floor and the baby can lay there and play. He’s just turning two months old now. I’ll post pictures of them later today. Have a great day all!

Cast OFF!! Woohoo

Well, I got the cast off the other day and am now wearing a Frankenstein boot. It’s really hard to walk in this thing, but my daughter tells me I’ll get used to it. According to the doctor I should be back in my own shoes in about 4 weeks:) yippee hoooray!! lol In the meantime, I can still do things I couldn’t before, including sewing at my machine so I can finish a couple of quilts I have going. I also have some hand stitching to do that I’ll be able to sit up and do. So I’m eager to get started on all of it:) Hope everyone is having a great week:)

Lack Of Posts

Hi everyone. Just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts lately. Since I fractured my heel 4 weeks ago it seems I’m behind in everything. The first few weeks I couldn’t even stitch as I had to sit with my foot elevated. To do that I felt like I was standing on my head backwards! lol I hope over the next few weeks I’ll be mobile enough to get back on task and do all the things I normally do and play catch up on those things I haven’t done. So bear with me for a while.

It’s off to the doctor today to have this cast removed, more exray’s and probably another cast for an additional couple of weeks, then into a boot. Such fun! lol

Lots of HUGZ:) to all:)

Signs on my Blog

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