Rain and Football

Good morning, we’ve had rain, rain, rain! I believe we’re out of the drought now, but we remain in the same water usage until spring. I don’t know how the water planning works, but it seems you should be able to use any amount of water (not sloppily) you need right now. The lakes are all over full, the rivers are extremely dangerous with water flow and some of the dams are having difficulty letting the water out. Although not having to worry about watering lawns or outdoor plants in the winter now, is water saving and nice. πŸ˜€ The rain right now is quite high ( I believe it was up 8000 feet) which means the snow melt is awfully early and causes flooding. We’ll have a break from the rain this week end then more next week, so we’ll see how it goes. Feast or Famine in CA. πŸ˜„

Anyway, we have Super Bowl Sunday at my sister in law’s every year and usually try to take a dip or other food with us. Lois always goes all out and has a wonderful spread, but I feel we need to take something to contribute. Sooooo, I decided to make some football brownies. 😊

The brownies came out delicious and the ganache as well, however, my cake decorating these days seems to have a lot of “but’s in the story telling. . When it came to putting the laces and football markings on top, that was another story, 😁 they looked pretty sad. The lines were quite squiggly and gave a new meaning to the word uneven, but, Bert came in the kitchen wanting to try his hand at it (now his cooking/baking starts and ends with pre-baked pizza ☺️) I can’t tell you which brownies he did and which one’s I did when finished, so all we could do is laugh. Lol. When I suggested swirling the white frosting to make it look deliberate, Bert insisted we leave them. He then nicknamed them “deflated footballs” (which would make the strings look good. Lol) Truly, this was not for Tom Brady (quarterback for the New England Patriots), who was playing that day. ( those not football fans, last year there was quite a scandal about the footballs being deflated which gave the quarterback a better grip, giving the Falcons an edge. Tom Brady (quarterback)was found to be involved. The Falcons won, as they did this year.) It just happened, the brownies were perfect “deflated football’s”. Lol So Bert took some by our daughters house and headed to the Super Bowl Sunday party. The brownies were enjoyed anyway. πŸ˜†

The bad part is I became ill all of a sudden and couldn’t go to the gathering to enjoy the day. They all had a great time though and I watched the game at home. Anyway, the “Football Brownies” were a big hit, πŸ˜€so all turned out well.

Have a great week and wherever you are be safe. The weather all over the country is so harsh this year, so many things happening.

1 thought on “Rain and Football

  1. Deflated football brownies sound like they tasted good, so that’s a win!! I’m sorry you got sick and couldn’t attend the football party.

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