Rain & Strawberries

Just an update on the drought here in CA, and it’s good news. I heard on the news ( briefly, I missed the report),the drought is almost over. Not sure exactly what that means, “almost”, but I’ll take it as a positive. We’ve had a good bit of rain this month and have more coming in by Friday. Just two days of it, but every little bit helps.

On another note, I have some strawberry 🍓 plants growing in the house. I won’t set them out for a while yet. BUT I actually have a blossom on one plant, a teeny tiny blossom. Lol


Isn’t it cute? Lolol

2 thoughts on “Rain & Strawberries

  1. Probably best to wait until all fear of frost is gone. Here that’s May or even June! No one waits that long, but sometimes we get surprised with a late frost, and then ooops! Your plants look healthy and happy right where they are. Here’s a tip from Stacey. So that transplanting isn’t a shock to her seeds, she cuts a toilet paper cardboard core in half and puts a bunch of them in a flat of some kind. She fills them with dirt and plants. Then the whole thing can go right in the ground. The roots can get out the bottom, and the cardboard rots away anyway.

    • I started saving my rolls for that very reason:) Tell Stacey thanks :). Bert tossed them not knowing, so I bought some paper cups and using those. These had lots of roots so it worked out real well. I keep watching the weather, lol. I’m going to get one of those small greenhouses to put on the patio.

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