Still In A Drought

Wow! We’re getting enough rain to last us for a while. We’ve been in a drought for so long I forgot what it’s like. The bad thing is all the flooding and damage that’s occurring. CA even lost the cabin tree in the redwoods (you could drive your car thru it. It was over 1,000 years old. Such a loss…. I remember as a small child thinking you could walk thru ANY tree. Well, of course I tried and landed back on my fanny in tears. Lol We did drive thru the “right tree” though. Lol
The bad part about the last storm that came thru the rain was very high up on the mountain. So it melted a lot of snow, which created havoc with the flood. The rivers and streams all over are cresting, and just as they begin to slow down, it starts again. The one plus is,it will be snowing up the hill again so that will help everyone up there, including the ski lodges.
The storms do help quite a bit, but the snow PAC we depend on is the main thing. Right now all the water is going down river and let out of the dams, to head out to sea. Without it the water from the ocean pushes the freshwater back, in the Delta and the whole ecosystem is in trouble.
Tonight though, we go to sleep with rain pounding down and on the positive side, I love that:) Have a good evening, night, day, morning, wherever you are:)

2 thoughts on “Still In A Drought

  1. Well, is your lake filling up? I can’t believe that tree is gone! Fran and I drove through it, and I almost didn’t because I was nervous about taking my car through, but we made it. Was it wind?

  2. It’s full, but emptying as fast as they can. It has to stay at a certain low level for the snow melt in the spring. That’s when there’s a problem. Like the rain melting the snow so much, no good, but we still have time to maybe have a good summer. Pray the levies don’t go, they’re watching them close and several problems possible/ probable. Going to be scary for a while.
    Yes(: the tree is down, just breaks my heart. They’re going to leave it where it lies because there’s a lot of life that still depends on it. Build the road around it. Cool , huh?

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