Great Week!

It’s been a fair to middlin’ week. My pain level has decreased for the most, provided I don’t try do something stupid. (Like thinking I can reach up in the cabinet get something. (Not good, not good at all lol) Aside from that, I’ve increased my exercise and traction time. So I’m gettin’ there:)

I belong to a group of ladies that do a Shoebox Swap once a year. We fill out a form to share our likes and dislikes, like two colors of fabric you like, a little of everything. At the end of the year you end up with 24 FQ’s of you
Partners favorite colors. Anyway, I got my Shoebox the other day and wow! So many goodies! 😁 I’m going to try and post some pic’s now, so keep your fingers crossed.

These are the goodies in my box! I left out the candle and something else. ( it’s getting late for me, so my brain has all ready begun to shut down. Lolol

Here goes:










6 thoughts on “Great Week!

  1. This is so neat!! Are your members of the box club all from your area? How does it work? I didn’t quite understand from your blog. Does everyone fill the one box for one person in the month? Questions questions… 🙂 it just has me thinking and wishing I was a part. I may have to start a box club in my neck of the woods!

    • No, we’re from all over the country, Canada and Germany as well. I hope this helps, Susan went over it and did some corrections for me she’s the brains of the outfit not me. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask because were always here. Thanks and good luck

  2. Great job posting pictures, and WONDERFUL things in your box, especially those fall fabrics. You’ll be able to make something fabulous with those. Do you have a plan?

  3. I am very glad you are doing better, dear Candi ! Thanks for sharing the pictures of all these beautiful goodies, very nice colours !

  4. Hi Jeanne, thank you, I” slowly but surely getting there in spite of myself. lol I was just thinking of you. I was eating a icee of chocolate with caramel filling and it reminded me of some of the chocolates you sent me:) Sooo good! Hugz:)

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