Wow – What A Couple of months!!

Do you ever have things all planned out to, but then you get in your own way? My friend Susan is one of those anazingpeople that sets daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals. What a trooper, she usually manages to get the better part of them completed. Me? Well I won’t go there today, in fact I only go see the doctors etc. lately. Lol
Several weeks ago (about 3 months) I was pushed out of our bed by my Dachshund Taz😵 In the process of rolling out, I managed to hit the corner of the nightstand, then proceed to slam my side and then my chest on the hard edge of the nightstand. That kept me pretty much down for the next two days. Oh yes, on that third night I was reaching across the nightstand and as I reached a tad bit too far, I kept on rolling! I automatically had a death grip on the edge of the nightstand as I was going down. Even though it’s instinctive not to let go, hoping you’ll break the fall, the consequences were worse. I tore the muscles and ligaments in my shoulder down my arm, my back,as well as crunching up my neck and spine. Tada!!!😖 All in one swoop. Lol

That was the beginning of some of the worst pain I’ve ever had. lol I knew there was nothing they could do for the ribs, but after ten days and no relief in sight, hubby took me to the ER. Didn’t have to wait too long, but one minute felt like an hour. So getting on the gurney, off the wheel chair, then back in the wheel chair back on the gurney, then back to the wheel chair and again on the gurney again, my body felt like I’d just slid down a big hill with all sizes of rocks and boulders. My body was screaming in pain. Argh, so then the doc looks at the X-rays to say nothing was broken (I knew that much, lol), and I had a little tendinitis in my shoulder. Well yeah, I’ve had that for about 40 or more years! LolDon’t get me wrong, the doctor and staff were all sooo very nice, I was just in so much pain an army of cute babies could have come through the ER and I’d still have been grumpy.

So what happened after that? I was given Norco and one of my pills for nausea and sent home. Whooppie. I still couldn’t breathe right, every single move I made I yelled, it hurt so bad. I began to think I was going crazy, how is anyone expected to just “live” with that pain, I mean I know I’m not “The Rock”
( he is a cutie tho lol) but I have always had a pretty high tolerance for pain. Right then I was really doubting myself, when just getting out of bed caused mr to holler. Then the next week I saw my doctor, I got a couple of cortisone. Shots, set up with the physical therapist.

Now mind you, I wear braces, I have a Walker, then went to one with brakes, seat etc. I can’t use those with one arm. Sigh, even attempting it caused pain. Sooooo, I now have a wheel chair so I can get outside and truly know there’s a world out When I asked my PT how long it was going to take to get back on my feet, he just kind of turned his head sideways a bit, said you can’t move your head to the left at all, nor bend your head in any direction, and your neck and spinal column are scrunched together…….so it’s going to be a while. I really really love that about him, he tells it likes it is. No himhawing around, lots of support and always there.

So now that I’ve whined all night , the crackers and cheese were great thanks lol,I have to tell you I’m fighting this all the way. I do as many of the exercises I can tolerate a a day, trying to eat better (I’m a terrible eater)
And trying not to push myself too hard, that just sets me back a day or two when I do that.

I must be feeling better though because I pylled out some of my Fall and Halloween fabrics to play with. Lol

8 thoughts on “Wow – What A Couple of months!!

  1. Oh, you poor girl ! You had really bad luck.I wish you a as soon as possible recovery . I ‘ll send you all my positive thoughts.
    Big hugs, dear Candi.

    • Thank you Jeanne:)I think of you sooooo often! I miss our letters, but that will begin again soon. It’s been a rocky road for a while, but you know, I have other friends that have or are going on, worse. It’s been a bad year, or good, we’re all still alive.😊 KTJ was in a fatal car accident,but survived and has been thru and still going thru a ton of therapy. She’s such an inspiration. Love and miss you:)

  2. Dear, dear Candi, what a mess this all is! You didn’t mention the bruising on the ribs. =) I look forward to seeing what you make with your Halloween fabrics, when you can sew again. In the meantime, planning time!

    • Geeze, I vent so much I thought I had told you. That’s why they thought I was crazy when I said how bad my shoulder was. Lol “aww she’ll be ok, just some bruised ribs. LolAt least they were kind and nice though. Lol

  3. Sweet friend, I’m so sorry to read that you have been fighting so many injuries (well any of them). Wish I could wave a magic wand and make them all better for you. Take care of yourself sweetie, and in the meantime have fun planning what you’ll make with your halloween fabrics!

    • Thank you Moira:) if you find that proverbial magic wand, I’ll wave it over you first, then you can wave it over me, and we’all go down our list and fix everyone in our groups, then run a Marathon! Lol My gosh girl, you’re the one I worry about, you’ve had and continue to have more than your fair share of doctors and hospitals.Wouldn’t it be great if all of us, you, KTJ, Rose Anne, Margaret, everyone that’s been going through all this “stuff” could do it at the same time, go to the same hospital, and they could open up the old hospital ward for us. OMG!!!! I gotta get out of this house into the world! I” hallucinating out loud! ROFLOL love you girl)

  4. yo Candi- what a bummer! stupid er. Glad to know that the pt guy has you in his sights and is willing to help you work it out….and get Bert to teach that dog better manners……humph….

    these halloween fabrics are adorable. If you can make 9 inch 9 patches the pieces would be big enough to see..and they would fit in with the churn dashes maybe!!

    Love you much girlfriend…i am thiinking about you quite a bit…and chant for you every morning!

    • Hey KTJ:) You sound sooo good. Yaaay:) lol, yup, Taz sleeps on Bert’s side of the bed now. I also took two old pillows and put them in between the mattress and box springs. Just enough to keep me from rolling out. Of course it didn’t help much when I reached across the night stand and tore my nec whole right side up. Lol Guess I’m just a slow learner! Lol great idea about the Halloween fabrics. I love love love Halloween fabrics, I a have. 66 gal container full too. lol I think it’s my favorite because growing up we had the best Halloweens! My kids did too, but times they are a changin So I can play with the fabric all year long if I want. Thank you for chanting for me KTJ, I appreciate you so very much, and you too are always in my prayers. HUGZ:) & LOVE

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