Toni at Make Bake Celebrate

Mother’s day is just a few months away, and what better way to say “Thanks Mom” than with some flowers? Flowers that just happen to double as cupcakes that is!


This has got to be one of the most adorable arrangements I’ve ever seen.  Click on the picture to go to see all the wonderful possibilities and to see the full instructions. This she posted for Mother’s Day (obviously) she makes it not only look so easy, but doable.  Lol  We’ll see, time will tell for me. Lol

This, like Quilting, is practice, practice, practice ! My first attempt at putting that big beautiful swirl of frosting on a cupcake? Well, needless to say I ended up grabbing my knife and spreading the frosting.  They tasted great, just weren’t nearly as pretty.  Next time that happens I’m going to put a thick layer of frosting and totally cover it with Sprinkles! Lol

Talk about tasting great!!!!!.Toni has some awesome cupcake recipes, cookies and a tutorials to learn from.  She has a book coming before too long as well.  There will be more about this terrific lady and all the wonderful things she does:)

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