This Isn’t Quilting

My fabric mess- ugh

well, I’ve tried for three days to get at least two cushions reupholstered but I’ve had the worst luck.  I injured my neck quite a few months ag when I fell backwards into the bathtub. I was out of the tub drying off and the next thing I knew I was I the tub sideways. Hit my neck and head, I think I injured my back too but haven’t had that checkey.d out.  It’s hurt since then, but gotten bad lately.  Anyway, back on the subject, I’ve been trying to get my brothers patio furniture done.  Since I hurt my neck, I can stay on the floor cutting ( that’s my cutting table lol. ) usually for an hour or two. This past week or two I haven’t been able to do it, no matterhowhard I try.  Here’s a couple of pic’s of the mess I have.

Just part of the cushions. Just part of the cushions.

Unbelievable. lol I am so grateful that God gave me my wonderful husband.  He’ll put up with this mess until it’s done.  Unfortunately for today it stays that way, I’ve got an ice pack and heating off and on, to ease the pain.  I promised Bert a Carrot Cake two days ago and one way or another I’m going to get it done.  OMG!  I got the recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction  and it’s the best carrot cake we’ve ever had! ( I’m sorry that’s not a link to her blog, I still cannot remember how to do that. Even as easy as it is.)  I will post a picture of the cake when it’s done. We don’t put the almonds in it or around it, hubby doesn’t care for them so I use walnuts in place of almonds, crushed and  pineapple in place of apple sauce yum it’s so good.

Sam’s Not A Teen Anymore

Sam made a pillowcase in school:)

Sam made this pillowcase in school and did a great job. Then she moved on to machine quilting:)

isam's Quilt

She she came over to learn how to use my short arm.  Well, I ended up learning from her. Lol when I explained how it worked, she just said “ok” and off she went creating her own pattern. Lol she did a great job, the quilt is on her bed now.  I’ll try and post some of her drawings from college.  She’s done very well with her art work and really loves it.

Not Only A Repeat, But Worse

So sad

So sad

Many homes were lost , not to mention the wildlife.

Many homes were lost , not to mention the wildlife.

It’s hard to believe we’re this far into summer.  The days are so hot and we’re watching so many fires wipe out forests, wild life and homes, watching tree’s, yards and plants die.  The fourth year into this drought, everything is dry and brittle.  My heart, prayers and gratitude go out to those Fire Fighters in the 108 degree weather we had the other day, as well as all the other hot days. (like 102 or high 90’s)  I know the good Lord is taking care of them, but I can’t help thinking about them.  Those suits they wear are horribly heavy. Some have oxygen and masks as they fight the fires.  Even those without the extra gear, the weight and heat inside those suits is horrendous. The heat from the fire alone is awful!! Please pray for these guys and gals, they work 24 hour shifts a lot out there, they haven’t seen their families for quite a while now. We currently have have 18 bad fires going, and I’ve forgotten how many smaller fires. I know it’s in the double digits though.