Quilting and Baking and Schedule

Originally this blog started out as being mostly a quilt blog. Well, as you can see, that seems to have changed a bit, so I need to do some prioritizing.  My first love is quilting and my second is baking, so I’ve decided I need to figure out some kind of balance here:). Tues. and Fri. are pretty much out because we go to Sacramento to clean house.  Those would be good planning days and  laundry days.  I think Mon would be a good day to plan the week and organize what I’m going to do plus do my grocery shopping.  Also a good day to bake as that’s not as time consuming as quilting. (Usually lol)  I always try to set up my doctor and physical therapy days on Wed so that would be a good day to look over things and make sure I’m on schedule (or a facsimile of a schedule). Thursdays definitely a sewing day, also Sat. Sunday’s of course for church.  Somewhere in there I need to clean house, the good fairy doesn’t here anymore:( that will be to fill in the spots in between and shoot for one room a day). So any feedback would be appreciated’ how do you schedule your days? Or do you wing it? Do you have any kind of routine?

1 thought on “Quilting and Baking and Schedule

  1. Yes, I schedule. This morning, I slept through the first two things on my schedule because I read until 5 am. Now it’s too cloudy to do the third thing, so I’ll try again tomorrow on that one. LOL Normally, Monday is my most accurately scheduled day, because Stacey comes over. This week she’s coming on Tuesday and canning tomatoes today! Now the whole week will be off in my head. LOL

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