Smallcakes & Freshberry

We have a cupcake bakery here in Roseville that is so much more than delicious!  It’s called   Smallcakes & Freshberry.

I was looking online and noticed they are elsewhere too.  If you live in or around Roseville, go by even if it’s only for a “whiff” lol.  No kidding you begin to drool when you walk in the door:) I’m showing some pic’s below from their site, that doesn’t even represent a smidgeon of what they can do.  Not to mention every flavor you can imagine! Don’t wait go check it out now , the owner’s Dan and Maria are two of the best people you’ll ever meet.




Small Cakes Freshberry Roseville
2030 Douglas Blvd. Suite 16
Roseville, CA 95661
Phone: (916) 774-0000

2 thoughts on “Smallcakes & Freshberry

  1. Does look yummy. We have a bakery here, Scrumps, which participates in national contests. Last one was in Maui, and they did an Elvis theme. Cute, cute, cute! And delicious cupcakes, too.

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