Tomorrow Is Easter Sunday

I think most of us attend Easter Services and give thanks to Jesus Christ our Lord.  As a teen with my MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship)  group, before dawn we’d all pile into cars and head to Sunrise Services.  They were always so spiritual and comforting.  I guess comforting isn’t quite the word most would use, but I always felt so enveloped by the event, that’s what comes to mind:)  God Bless and Keep everyone, may He be with you always. 

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is Easter Sunday

  1. I saw something new to me somewhere today. A sign said Easter SUNSET services. I have good memories of sunrise services, and church services, and Easter egg hunts, and Easter baskets. All of it is renewal. =) Happy Easter, friend o’ mine.

  2. Exactly:). It always felt so fresh- renewed as you said:). One year on our way to the service, a bunny ran in the road and there was no way to miss him:( That was so sad, but after the services everything was all right:) Happy Easter to you to my dear friend:)

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