More Posts of Quilts n Things:)

ImageThis is one of my favorites. All the bright colors for a child

ImageOne for kids:)


These are the socks that my Granddaughter and her friend Morgan did. They had a ball!


ImageImageImageThe one on the left is a sewing bag with a pincushion made inside.  Tha other tw are a couple of Crazy Quilt blocks I worked in a round robin.

Oops, that’s not right.  Those two are post cards, I don’t know why I was thinking blocks.  Another duuuuh moment:)

ImageImageImageThree more tea pots ( I sold them on Etsy)


ImageImageImageImageThree of these are children’s quilts I donated.

The fourth quilt is a Halloween quilt for the grand kids.


ImageImageImageImageThese are all donation quilts for kids.  I really have fun making them:) one still on the quilter.


ImageImageImageSome more for the kids.image image imageThese are some quilts and quilt tops to be finished.

image image imageSome of the goodies I was so blessed to get from my swap sister:)


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