I Won! I Won!

Today I got confirmation that I won the drawing on Sally’s Baking Addiction Cookbook  Giveaway!  Apparently there were a couple thousand entries and I got picked!  Whooohoooo !  I’ve been following Sally’s Blog for a while now and have tried several of her recipe’s.   They are to die for! Go here Image Today, I’m giving you the chance to win an autographed copy of my very first cookbook. It’s hitting the stands in only TWO weeks. eBook (tablet, kindle) version will be available too! My fingers are shaking as I type thisncjh… sorry. I’m nervous / anxious / excited / ready to faint. All of that work behind the scenes last summer is finally coming to life. I can’t wait for you to hold my book in your hands and bake all the recipes. Sally's Baking Addiction Table of Contents

3 thoughts on “I Won! I Won!

  1. You’re getting an actual paper book, right? Since it’s autographed, I expect it is. That’s really terrific that you won out of all those entries!

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