Fabric from Barb

Fabric from Barb

I haven’t been able to decide how to make a quilt out of this fabric without losing the beauty of it. So I think what I’m going to do is leave it, embillish it with stitching and put a binding on it. I just love this. It was a birthday gift from a friend several years ago and have been saving it.

Another Monday Morning

Here it is Monday morning and it’s all ready time to gather things to take to my brother Frank’s house.  Normally we go down and clean  on Tues & Fri, but I have doctor’s appointments this week, so had to switch our routine around.  I’m really, really hoping I have enough ambition left to cut out a quilt:). Yup, I’m honestly starting again.  I do have one quilt to repair that belongs to a friend in Texas, so I may just go ahead and finish that up first. Hope everyone has a great Monday with calm weather and good health.