Matthews Quilt

I’m finally getting started on Matthews quilt for Chirstmas.  It’s a simple Disappearing 9 patch so it shouldn’t take long.  It’s in black and whites

He asked me for a black and white quilt so thought Christmas would be a good time to give it to him.   Of course if I don’t get my tail in gear and get it done, he won’t have it. lol  I have a number of other things get done too, so if this isn’t finished I can give it to him for his birthday in March.  I would like to give it to him for Christmas though.  So gotta  get going:)  Have a great day everyone and God Bless!

My One and Only Loofa lol

This is the Luffa now, it’s getting bigger and fatter by the day. Unfortunately it is going to be the only one from the looks of things. The nights have been so cool and our days have cooled off a lot too, that there’s just no way the blossoms are going to take. So I’m nursing this little baby along. I check it every day to make sure it’s still there and a squirrel, rat or raccooon hasn’t come along and snatched it. lol It’s been quite an adventure this year. Next year I’ll make sure they get outside much earlier so they’ll have more time to grow.

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