Luffa and a Blossom or two

I went out this morning and found a baby Luffa on my plant!!! yaaaaay!  There are several new blossoms too.  The only problem with the picture is I sprayed for ants the other day and the dead ants are still on the blossom on the luffa.  eeeeeeeeeeeew!  Makes me feel like creepy crawly’s are on me! lol

Aren’t they cool! lolol  I’m so easily entertained it’s really scarey somtimes! lol

The Difference in Where Plants Are Placed

You know it really does amaze me, how where you put a plant depends on how it grows.   Here are two pictures of the same plant, they came out of the same pot and have 5 in there.  I put three in one pot and two in the other.  One is in the front of the house and get’s the really hot hot western sun in the afternoon.  That’s the smaller leaved one.  The one with the large leaves is in the backyard and gets the morning Eastern sun in the morning.

This one is in the backyard and gets the morning sun.

This one is in the front yard and gets the really hot afternoon sun.  Look at the leeaves, they’re about 1/4 the size of the one in the backyard.   Kind of mind boggling. lol  You just never know:)