New Racks In The Sewing Room

My brother gave me some new racks so I put them to good use in my sewing room. Whooo hooo I’m so excited! For the most part it’s all organized now. I want to get some more baskets and then seperate the fabric’s by size as well as color (as they are now.) This isn’t the whole room, I don’t remember if I took a pic of the closet with all the containers of CQ fabric’s or not. I’ve talked poor Susan’s head off through out this whole process. We had to take that room completely apart a couple of times in order to get the racks in there. I HOPE I’m basically done with all of that though. lol Knowing me I’ll find another reason to re-organize! I’m sooooo OC! lol

About candiharris

I'm married to an amazing man, have three adult children and two wonderful grandkids. Both extremely talented and in College( although I may be a tad prejudiced ) I love God, my family, my quilting, new recipe's and I attempt gardening.
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5 Responses to New Racks In The Sewing Room

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey candi – Your new racks are like ones that I’ve got. =) Enjoy them.Moira

  2. Susan says:

    Wow, that does look a lot more organized! You’ll be able to find everything you want when you want it, if you aren’t careful!

  3. Rose Anne B says:

    WOW Candi love those shelves and I’m just in the process or “cleaning out” my sewing room – it’s a mess!!!

  4. Judi S says:

    Great shelves — lots of room for your hand dyes and everything else!Judi

  5. Veronica says:

    Now that I’m back in the Ring (thanks, Susan), I can see that your sewing room is waay bigger than mine! lol I only have enough room for one of those shelves but it sure does make a difference, doesn’t it? Your room looks great!

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