Cast OFF!! Woohoo

Well, I got the cast off the other day and am now wearing a Frankenstein boot. It’s really hard to walk in this thing, but my daughter tells me I’ll get used to it. According to the doctor I should be back in my own shoes in about 4 weeks:) yippee hoooray!! lol In the meantime, I can still do things I couldn’t before, including sewing at my machine so I can finish a couple of quilts I have going. I also have some hand stitching to do that I’ll be able to sit up and do. So I’m eager to get started on all of it:) Hope everyone is having a great week:)

2 thoughts on “Cast OFF!! Woohoo

  1. I bet you wanted to give a giant sigh! Hope your recovery continues speedily. I just stumbled upon your blog, and had to chuckle, because I have just finished the assembly of a London Square quilt top using white on white and purple scraps. I need to press it and take a picture before posting to my blog.

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