Found My Quilt

I often wonder how in the world I manage to do it, but I lost a quilt I had started.? I’ve been madly searching for it ever since. At Christmas when I was trying to “Make room” I had put it into a basket and I thought, put it in my sewing room. Unfortunately that’s not where I put it. So the other day, I had the hooks (they were plastic) that held the shelves up in my cabinet in the garage snap. Well, two shelves fell and here was this basket inside a plastic bag to protect it. When I opened it up, lo and behold there was my quilt. I’m known for putting things in strange places usally I write it down somewhere so I’ll know where I put things and although this wasn’t a strange place, the garage is not a place I normally would put my fabric. So needless to say I did the happy dance, even if I do have to redrill the holes in the cabinet so the metal shelf holder thingy’s will hold the shelves so they don’t fall again. Nothing was breakable that fell, fortunately:)
So yesterday I was able to work on that quilt and another one I’ve started.
I decided I really need to get busy and stay busy this month, as it’s the anniversy of the loss of my brother last year. I’ve dreaded Feb. coming but I know if I keep the brain and hands going I’ll get through it ok. He’s in a good place and I need to find a good place for my head and heart to be at this time.

3 thoughts on “Found My Quilt

  1. So glad you found it! Amazing how things can ‘hide’ from us when we most want to find them. Keeping the mind and hands busy are great ways to accomplish many things! My thoughts are with you in memory of your brother. Perhaps this quilt project can be finished in dedication to him.

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