Wooo hooo Day 7!!

Yippee yahooo Today is Day 7 on our quit smoking calendar! It’s easier than the first few days but boy this is really a challange! They say it takes 72 hours to get it out of your system, but that doesn’t mean your body goes back to normal. I’m still edgy, plus Bert and I avoid anything that we may have a conflict over! lol Does that tell you anything! lol We’re going to make it though, I know that. It’s time:) Have a great day everyone:)

Nasty Nasty Habit

Well, I’m thinking if I post this it’s going to give me more incentive to stay on track. I’m on my third day of “NO SMOKING” and so far so good. This morning has been rough, but I’m hanging in there. I’m feeling a little squirley so if I don’t post the way I should for a bit, I’m sorry, but I’ll play catch up within a week or so. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Oh yes, Bert is doing this as well and believe it or not we haven’t attempted to kill one another yet! lol Actually neither of us has been grouchy so far, but this is only the beginning. I’m just trying to keep my hands busy.:) So whooo hoooo doing the happy dance almost three days! lol For me THAT is an accomplishment! lol

I Got RAOK’d Today!!

When the postman came today what a surprise when this huge package was there. I had been RAOK’d by Jakkie! RAOK is a Random Act Of Kindness that a person just sends to another for no reason. Just exactly as it says, RAOK! There are beautiful fabrics, beads, motif’s trims, theads even needles! Thank you Jakkie and you can be sure I will “Pay It Forward”.

I Opened a New Etsy Shop

Good morning:) I’ve been talking about opening an Etsy Shop for a couple of months, since my DH’s hours have been cut back at work. I finally did it. Candi’s Eye Candy Etsy Shop So far I have some great fabrics, Dupioni Silk and Batiks as well as some motif’s on there. I’ll be adding silkies, ribbons, threads, kits and not sure what else. Be sure to check it out and I’d love some feed back:) Tell me what you’d like to see on there as well. Hope everyone has a great day! HUGZ:) to all

What’s Left To Do

This is what more I have to do! YUCK! I always say I’m going to keep it all together the way it should be, but let me get sewing and I throw all caution to the wind! lol Then I’m back to square one where I am now. lol Oh well, I’ve had fun making the mess anyway. 🙂