Got It Done in spite of things

There’s a story behind this quilt I made for Barbara. It was a long time in the making for starters and then when I sent it to the quilters it came back with puckers, pleats and the back completely uneven. As big a difference as 3 inches on one end to 6 inches on the other. In my hysteria, between Susan Nixon and my DH they got me calmed down. lol I went ahead and “undid” where I could and did the binding with the intent of giving it to Barbara with the story of what happened. Then making her a new one. Well bless her heart, as she opened it and I was telling her what happened, she kept saying no she didn’t want another one she wanted only this one. lol 🙂 Friends are so amazing, no matter how flawed an item or WE are they love us anyway. What a wonderful Christmas present she gave me. (that’s Barbara standing next to the quilt:) )
We had a great time all day with the family and of course ate till we couldn’t move and will be eating left overs the rest of the week. I hope everyone’s Christmas was as good as mine and hope we’re all looking forward to a very very Happy New Year.

About candiharris

I'm married to an amazing man, have three adult children and two wonderful grandkids. Both extremely talented and in College( although I may be a tad prejudiced ) I love God, my family, my quilting, new recipe's and I attempt gardening.
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4 Responses to Got It Done in spite of things

  1. Veronica says:

    Wow! That is one big quilt! So, you had to fix it after it came back from the quilter’s? Looks good from where I’m sitting! lol

  2. Susan says:

    Finally, Blogger is letting me on! The picture looks great! The best part is . . . it’s finished and out of the house!

  3. Steph says:

    Hi Candi, I am new to the ring and wanted to intro myself and say your quilt is beautiful and your friend sounds like a real sweetheart!

  4. Hi Candi – I knew Barbara would love your quilt, just the way it was!!! She had to – full of your love, talent and best wishes!! Later, lady! Lindy

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