Illinois Star Quilt

I posted the wrong photo the first time so I’m trying this again. This is the Illinois Star quilt I started a couple of years ago at a Quilting Retreat in Montana. My sisters Quilting Guild held it at Camp Make A Dream and it was an amazing experience. I got to see so many beautiful beautiful works in progress. This is my first attempt at paper piecing and although it’s not difficult, this one is very time consuming. I had no comprehension when I began that the star had about 110 points in each star! So I figure by the time I’m 70 I might, just might have it done. lol By then Matthew will be at an age that he should be able to take care of it and it will go to him. Then again, after all the work I may just keep it. lol Who knows? Time will tell. lol

6 thoughts on “Illinois Star Quilt

  1. What a beautiful quilt! But what I really have to comment on is Taz asleep in that quilt—that could be my Dewey Dog!! 😀 I have two of the rotten pups (10 and 11 years old), black and tans, they are my kids, my soulmates (well, next to my hubby :D), and my world revolves around them and quilting. LOL

  2. WOW…I am gulping looking at all those points… what an accomplishment – even if it’s only one square that ends up being a pillow! hehe I’m sure you’ll finish it up and have it on the blog before long…

  3. Well, here I am, 70 last November and the quilt is not done. As they say, be careful what you say it might come back and bite you in the a_ _! So I’m going to work on it on UFO days and I know I’ll get nuts with it, but I can switch to something else for a break. Heaven knows I have enough UFO’s. Lol

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